PM360, a leading life sciences marketing industry trade publication, announced the winners of their 14th annual Trailblazer Awards during an event held at Gotham Hall in New York City on Thursday, September 22, 2022. The awards recognize outstanding companies, CEOs, products, marketers, brand managers, and cutting-edge initiatives within the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and diagnostics industries. In total, 72 winners were named across eight overall categories: Companies of the Year, CEOs of the Year, Products of the Year, Marketer of the Year, Marketing Team of the Year, Lifetime Achievement, Brand Champions, and Initiatives.

“After everything our industry accomplished these past two years during the pandemic, they deserved a celebration worthy of their accomplishments and we were overjoyed to be able to deliver that with the return of our in-person gala,” says Anna Stashower, CEO and Publisher of PM360. “This year’s winners have continued to showcase the power of innovation to deliver better care with first-in-class treatments for rare diseases like generalized myasthenia gravis, groundbreaking diagnostic capabilities using CRISPR technology, and advances made in lung cancer, kidney disease, overactive bladder, actinic keratosis, and much more. Not to mention how creativity, powerful messaging, and ingenious applications of technology further help to deliver these treatments and devices to people who need them most.”

More than 400 attendees gathered in Gotham Hall for the announcement of the winners.

Each of the winners were judged and selected by the PM360 Editorial Advisory Board, a cross section of experts from across the industry. The judges are asked to evaluate the following criteria for each category: Company of Year (innovation, talent development, and social responsibility); Brand Champions (innovation, leadership, communication, analytical, and organizational skills); Initiatives (content, format, success in reaching targeted audience, and overall quality); Marketer of the Year (the individual who best exemplifies the most insightful, forward-thinking, and transformative marketing ideas and actions in the industry); Marketing Team (the team who best exemplifies those same qualities); Products of the Year (innovation in treating patients, the uniqueness of the branding strategy, and their ultimate and contribution to the overall healthcare system); CEOs of the Year (ability to thrive in all aspects of leadership including establishing a company culture, displaying a unique vision for their company, and earning respect from industry colleagues due to their morals, reputation, and character); and Lifetime Achievement (an industry veteran who has transformed the business through leadership, wide-ranging influence, and original contributions.)

DHIVY Marketing Team (Avion Pharmaceuticals and Agency Partner: Calcium)

I could not be prouder of what we were able to accomplish!! This was a significant feat, competing against some of the largest companies within the pharmaceutical industry, stated Shannon Faught, Chief Commercial Officer, Alora Pharmaceuticals. This win symbolizes a tremendous team effort across the organization. This did not happen in a bubble, stated Shannon. This was a massive project to undertake that involved team leaders and many outstanding efforts of our associates across the organization. I would like to recognize all those who had a role in this launch. In addition, I would like to thank our agency Calcium, who developed a cutting-edge campaign for DHIVY!!

About Alora

Alora Pharmaceuticals. LLC, is the parent company of six specialty pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. Alora is Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA. Alora is the parent company of the following organizations that comprise the Alora family of companies, Avion Pharmaceuticals, Acella Pharmaceuticals, Osmotica Pharmaceuticals, Sovereign Pharmaceuticals, Trigen Laboratories and Vertical Pharmaceuticals.

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